A Full Introduction to Spintax - Spin Syntax


Spintax or spin syntax is a system for re-writing readable auto generated and unique content, usually for SEO purposes.

Main Uses

The primary purpose of spintax is to aid the production of original content for the search engines, mainly Google since Google has made it clear that they will value original content over duplicated content which has been distributed across many sites on the web. Google has said that it will generally index the first or primary version of content, while 'de-indexing' all other duplicates.

Additional Uses

Avoiding any plagiarism or copyright claims can easily be achieved using spintax.

Simple Example

A simple "hello world" example of spintax follows:

{Hello World!|Hi World|Hello There Everyone}

Everything between the curly brackets is optionally chosen automatically by a spintax enabled software program or website. Options are separated by the bar symbol.

The example above would generate the following 3 results randomly chosen:

Hello World!
Hi World
Hello There Everyone

When used in a body of larger text, the potential for original content increases exponentially:

{Hello World!|Hi World|Hello There Everyone}. This is {spintax|spin syntax| an example of a spun sentence}.

Hello There Everyone. This is an example of a spun sentence.

Alternative Spin Syntax

The format used by article submission sites like the Free Traffic System uses [spin]|[/spin] format instead of curly brackets. For example:


Spinning Articles

Many SEO specialists who generate articles for distribution through article directories either 'spin' their documents by hand or use spintax then generate the unique content through the use of websites or software. Also articles are often taken from sources such as directories and re-purposed through spinning to be re-used on other websites as original content.


The main software programs used to generate spintax are as follows:

Quality Spintax enabled software are as follows:

You can practice with our free spintax generator tool.

Spinning Comments

Many automatic bots or software programs can auto post comments on blogs, to make them appear as unique as possible, spintax is often used as below:

{Hi there|Greetings|Hi|Hello|Hello There}{!|,}
{I {really|simply|totally} {love|respect|admire} your {blog|article|post|opinion} and {will tell all my friends about it|will be back again tomorrow|also the design of your website}.
{Thanks|Thank you|Cheers|Bye for now}.

This could generate the following comment:

Hello There,
I simply love your post and will tell all my friends about it.
Bye for now.

Auto Spinning

Software such as The Best Spinner provides an option to spin your document for you automatically. It then will look for synonyms and automatically add variations where it finds them. The quality of documents produced in this manner are unique but of very low quality, compared to manual spinning. The Panda update to the Google algorithm attempts to filter out automatically generated content in this manner

Advanced Spinning

Learn about more advanced spintax techniques here.

The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner

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